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Monday, January 2, 2012

Total awesome Christmas presents

As some of you already know, I'm a simple person. I don't require much. Every once and awhile someone comes along and gives me a gift that is just a perfect addition to my life. This last Christmas I received two (basically three) perfect gifts that fit my personality. Let me preface by saying I LOVE coffee and wine. A day that includes both is pretty damn close to a perfect day. My sweet, loving and thoughtful sister, Jane, gifted me with Brookstone's automatic wine opener. 
Best present ever!!
 For those who have not had the pleasure of using an automatic wine don't know what you're missing.  The base in which the automatic wine opener sits has a built-in foil slicer.  GENIUS!!  :)  I have had the chance to use it four times since Christms and have cheerished every opportunity.  For the coffee enthusiast out there my other present(s) should tickle your fancy.  Interestingly enough, I don't care for automatic coffee makers.  For the past year or so, I have been using a made from recycled plastic Bodum french press.  It's simple.  It's easy to clean.  Makes fantastic coffee.  The added benefit here is that my husband is not a coffee drinker so not that much coffee needs to be made.  It's ideal for my daily routines.  My other sister, the eldest, Ruth and her husband purchased me a new, fancier (say it with a southern accents) french press.  But that isn't actually the present that has me all in a tizzy.  The best present is a Bialetti Moka Express.  It's an Espresso maker, old school style.  It's so simple an extremely easy.  Best part, or at least I think, is that when my husband and I plan any camping trips in the future I will be able to bring this along.  No coffee, even on vacations, makes me a grumpy person.

My very first espresso maker!

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